The First 500 miles

Walk For Justice Documentary is in edit..

We will complete this project in Next month.. We ask that anyone with photos or stories that they wish to add.. share..concerning this 1600 mile walk, please post here!!!!

We ask all that I formation be as accurate ss possible, and that all I formation be DATED, as well.

I will gather and coordinate very soon .

We ask one more thing…… If you do not want your name mentioned..

Please. #noname. At the bottom of every post

Thank you all for participating in this adventure,! For your support, wishes, and especially to our sponsors and all who joined Sid Hingerty on this very long and exhausting journey.

We ask that all moderators in this project help collect Information to post, as we wish to collect as much ss possible for Cyd.

Thank you and God bless

Please pray for Sid and stop by his page, as get took a fall and in the hospital with broke collar bone, broken ribs, a punctured lung..