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My name is Mr. Sid Hingerty. My friends know me as, Cyd.
I was born and raised in the UK.

I am also sole proprietor; of Children’s Global Justice.

 And Founder of both CBD MEDIA
March for Mercy. The Story of Mr. Sidney Hingerty in his ‘walk for justice’©2018
My Date of Birth is 21/March/1941.
I Grew up in Stafford,UK
I have 4 children: I am also blessed with seven grand-children.
***For many years, I have wanted to try and help children and victims of violence, but not having the organizing abilities to move forward with my goals.
***I tried to take risks: to get as much publicity, as I could.
The first time was over 20 years ago. I was working as a scaffolder, on the London Docklands; as usual these things always crop up in a pub, when you have more, than a few. And began to converse with someone. They had similar interests. The interest would be outrageous adventures, including bungee jumping.
I also met a campaigner who had a fire engine, so it was off to France, in a fire engine; full of booze for a charity jump, for Great Ormond Street Children’s Cancer Hospital.
I had a failed attempt at trying to convince Pepsi Max to put on the World’s Highest Bungee Jump. I simply believe that a bungee jump involving the longest bungee rope ever made, could be attempted. And Without a reserve parachute.( Free fallers would be needed to follow you and cut you free from the rope and then pass you a spare parachute; on the way down and attach you to their chutes.) So as you can see, the stunt is massively dangerous. And Pepsi declined sponsorship, among other’s.

Women’s Global Justice was first formed:
I was almost a victim myself of pedophilia, I don’t consider myself a victim, or a survivor of anything, in life. When I was about 5years old I did run out of a pedophiles house who lived only about 4 doors away, from my own home. After he called me into his house he then proceeded to getting naked, on his bed. He asked me, to masturbate him, by showing me how to masturbate him. At that age I didn’t know anything about bad things. But still got nervous and ran for the door, which luckily, he hadn’t locked.
Being that young, I said nothing to my parents or anyone else in case they might have thought I’d been naughty or thinking I had got into trouble some sort of trouble. I did not want to get into trouble.
As I got older, I was always a very quiet person that was never interested in mixing with groups, even though I had many good friends. I just always felt more comfortable on my own. I didn’t like staying in one place long too long. I began to travel the country a lot at time. I didn’t stay in one town for long and every town I moved to I just usually headed for the first Irish pub. Wherever I went I would almost always get a job to start the following day, in any good Irish pub. Money was better, but the work was harder. And it was the Irish gangs that ran most of the good construction site jobs. I worked on army camp’s hospitals, power stations, petrochemical plants, airports, a prison, oil rigs, and coal mines.
In my mid-30s, I ended up working behind the iron curtain in Poland, on what was said to be the first big contract for a British company, behind the Berlin wall. I got married in Poland and I was also taken to see the Auschwitz prison camp. It was there, that I saw 100s of pairs of children’s shoes artificial limbs and school satchels, with bags of human hair used to insulate German uniforms or winter clothing and the soap was made from victims. It’s things like this that change the ways you think and act in life. It was not until many years later till I remembered all these details. This is when my own marriage broke up, 20 years later; while I was working as a scaffolder, on Westminster’s Port Cullis House. At the time I was going through a very stressful 2 years of court cases. I climbed to the top of the highest part of the scaffold and stood on the top handrail, I was ready to jump off right in front, of Big Ben. I had no fear and was perfectly calm. I had just had enough of the life, as I knew it.
Then I thought about my own children. This made me think of what they might go through for the rest of their lives, without a father. I thought that they might turn against their own mother for helping, to cause this situation. So, I calmly stepped down. But it still took about 2 years to get over it. The thought of trying to do something to help campaign against child abuse gave me the will, to live again.
I then tried to get support from most children’s charities and a newspaper that was campaigning for a Sarah’s law who was a young child that was murdered by a pedophile
I then tried to campaign against stronger child protection laws after a young black girl that had died because of a failed by social services department.
I then wanted to attempt backpacking from Cape Wrath, through the Scottish Highlands, to Downing Street. The intended start was, on Christmas day. My thoughts on this walk was due to the facts that several children die of violence in their own homes over Christmas, and over the new year celebrations. I did set forth these plans and I did manage to get assistance from a Scottish ice climber, who was offering me to stay a few days, in his winter camp. I also had an SAS officer sending in one of his friends to teach me navigation. But, not one children’s charity or newspaper would support me because of the risk in the Scottish winter’s wilderness. Then the Scottish police warned me against attempting it, so this walk was called off.
A few years later I was put into contact with a lady named, Sandra Utley. Sarah was A paramedic from the Dunblane school shooting massacre, in Scotland Sandra wrote a book and had a website called Dunblane Unburied. Again, I was going to walk with Sandra to Downing Street with letters, to see why Tony Blair the prime minister had protected people, on 100 year’s secrecy laws. But, Sandra was also frightened off and then I also lost contact with her.
So, once again another walk was called off, as. Her website was hacked and destroyed twice. Because of her reaction, I tried without any organizing abilities to start a woman’s global justice party. However, it wasn’t just about women. It’s about human rights, period. The idea was to try and keep it clear of Freemasons that were involved, in Dunblane. But, I didn’t know at the time that Women could also be a member of Freemasons.
This is when I met Dee Francis from America who took over both the American side of the organization and built our company. The company that became Women’s Global Justice and our mission was to unite women who would have searched for all the right people. Including good men, to help raise monetary means for the children, and to train children with global activity skills, at no cost.; keeping them off the streets.
Soon after merging with Dee Francis I did have to weed-out the non-genuine persons. We have had lots of issues, but we have been creating this challenge for over 8 years now. We began as a social media team. Soon after we built the companies, we then organized this 1600 mile walk for justice, in 2013. This 1600-mile walk took over 3 years and was completed, by me, as I remained strong and determined to keep walking. It has been one-step at a time. Beginning as a social media group, we became a real-life team. We formed a group of volunteers that participated in this journey, as a unity for our social justice. Spreading awareness and presenting testimonies, along with petitions to The House of Lords. I am the only person on this earth to walk to all the British Parliaments. My story is a one of a kind, however remaining humble.
A few years later a young welsh mother tried to build me an anti-trafficking website. This mother had previously had a young son taken from her, for forced adoptions. Then she became pregnant and was told her unborn baby would later be adopted, as well. So, she ran away to Spain. Her parents and sister were also questioned and threatened, by the authorities wanting to know her whereabouts. When the baby was born later, in Spain; even though the mother was living in good accommodations and self-sufficient, the Police and Social services tracked the grandparents to Spain, they then followed them and broke into the apartment, they held the grandparents and mother down on the bed and stole the 4-month-old baby; completely by force. Without any legal papers from a foreign country.
I wrote to complain to my MP Prime Minister David Cameron and to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. But, not one of them would do anything about this illegal child kidnapping from a foreign country without any legal documents. So, I took it on myself to try and walk from Dunblane in Scotland to the Scottish and English Parliaments and on to the Human Rights Courts, in Brussels. Once again, without professional organization and sleeping outdoors, in the winter; people were worried about my well-being. I had to break off going to Brussels. And just took letters to the Scottish Parliament and then to the Royal Courts of Justice in London. (Photos are available for this walk) But again, Nothing but excuses from the children’s minister. The Following year 2014 at the age, of 74. I walked again from Dunblane to the Scottish Parliament, but this time around the North East Coast to Newcastle. Then across to the opposite side of the country, to Liverpool and then I traveled by ferry to Belfast and The Dublin parliaments, in Northern and Southern Ireland. Again, by ferry to Wales and onto the Welsh Parliament and London. At 77 I had a life-threatening accident fracturing 7 ribs, a collarbone; puncturing a lung, cracked my spine, in 4 places causing damage to the legs, and nerve endings. I developed sepsis and I was in a coma for weeks. I was fighting for my life.
Besides this tragedy my mind cannot let this go! Children are still being taken through secret courts for forced adoption. Parents are being gagged or threatened with imprisonment, if they speak out. Children are still being abused in foster care, children are missing and being exploited every day. They are sacrificed, their organs are taken. They are being sold for snuff films, etc. The children still don’t have a real voice. MPs are not speaking out against all these injustices. So, I have one final dream left in my life at 78. This dream is to attempt a non-offensive Bungee Skydive for the Justice tour of Britain, to give the strongest voice I possibly can for all these children and families that can’t speak out publicly for themselves. But first I must recover enough from my previous injuries. I must recover to prove I’m still capable of attempting my final challenge in life. This finale’ is a one-off bungee jump and will be organized with a few survivors of abuse and ex children from care. To make a one-off video to tell their stories is their personal goals. Anyone that wants to jump can also, do so. I intend my jump to hopefully be a tandem back flip jump tied to a parent of a stolen child, or survivor. And the completed video will be sent to leading football / sports clubs, around the country. I am hoping they will support and sponsor just one bungee and skydive each, or for extra volunteers too, in their own club colors. With the millions of survivors of abuse around the country who support all their football clubs, just maybe they will participate. This will be “Good” Cheap publicity for all their clubs amongst’ their fans. And a powerful voice that will hopefully encourage other MPs to finally speak out and Call for better laws to help and protect all children and their natural families, including setting an example for their siblings that are also separated and broken up, in this illegal system.
Children’s Global Justice with Women’s Global Justice Org and CBD Media features the Bungee 4 Justice. Presenting by: March 4 Mercy. The Story of Mr. Sidney Hingerty, in his ‘walk for justice’
Who knows with much luck, just maybe this will encourage more people in other countries to link up, have fun, participate, volunteer, and create more non-offensive global challenges. These events are for the world’s poorest and unprotected children, they are for their hopes and dreams project.
My thoughts were:
To get enough publicity for adopted children. Even now, if I could: no matter what the risks were, I would still do it.Innocent children and trafficked people have no human rights laws.
This should be fought globally to stop this horrific and perverted trade in people.
I am now searching for younger stronger men who are prepared to take on the most physical and extreme sports challenges ever devised to fight for all children and victims of human rights.
With “GOOD” people to lead The Woman’s Global Justice Organization to fight for women equality, including equal pay, and the human rights for true justice protection and compensation for “ALL” victims of violence, abuse, and trafficking.
When a woman can do the same job as a man then she “Must” receive equal pay otherwise, it is called cheap and exploited labor, and it is against a woman’s human rights. and we certainly “will” fight against this as of “Now”!!!!


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The Story of Sid Hingerty in his 'walk for justice'

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