Sid’s story!

Written on 1/25/2011 by Sid:

For many years now, I have wanted to create my own Organization that would help children. I tried to form a Woman’s Global Justice Organization that could successfully help victims, from all forms of violence including:

Child abuse, drugs, guns, honor killings, and child and sex trafficking, in a way that has “NEVER” been done before.

Even animal abuse is on this list:

My thoughts were:

To help people gain equality. To fight racism and give a continual global public voice to the plight, of all victims. And a need to introduce fairer and more sensible laws, to help and protect the human rights of all victims, instead of the laws; that now help and protect the predators, murderers, rapists, child abusers, drug dealers, and sex slave traffickers!!!!

***Helping them escape through so called technicalities in so called secret courts that are controlled by greed and corruption.

There are so many small and single campaigners seeking justice for their murdered children, Parents against child abuse, rapists, padeophiles escaping justice, with lack of evidence. Killers and traffickers never receiving the sentences that fit the severit of these crimes.

Lie detectors should now be used to help many cases to be heard in court and to stop crooked lawyers lying through their back teeth, to get their clients off; on technicalities.

There is so much corruption and sexual exploitation in this world that something absolutely colossal needs doing. The governments all over the world are stealing children through secret courts and selling them through forced adoption, just to earn millions. Governments with newspapers and television channels have banned from showing and telling the truth. Every child that is stolen; every parent that is forced to lose their child, are also banned from making it known publicly.

Woman and children are tortured and they need their justice.

My dream of a Woman’s Global Justice Organization has already been stolen and is being used, but I have the Copyrights for this name and intend to make it the biggest, friendliest, happiest, most loving organization to empower women and children. To expose the violence, child abuse, poverty, and trafficking; that this world has ever seen.

All I need are caring activists, professional keen organizers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and outdoor activity trainers or event planners. And most of all, I need sponsors!

And anyone else that has a skill, or an idea to improve our chances of success to help all people that need help!!!!

This is the dream I have wish to pursue.

Women that want to lead these causes, can do it their own way, without any opposition from me; as long as this is done in a way that is fun and non -confrontational, or offensive to anyone else. Everybody has a human right as long as they don’t harm anyone else!!!

I want writer’s to write and sing the words to condemn violence, abuse, and oppression. With youngsters to be given the same chance to write and sing their songs and their artistic talents; to be given the chance of success in their lives.

This website would help children to escape poverty and fair chances to find employment, or to become good role models for future children.———

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