Sid’s Bio

contact cydMy name is Mr. Sid Hingerty. My friends know me as, Cyd.

I was born and raised in the UK.

I am CEO Of Women’s Global Justice Organization. This organization was Founded May 5,2010p. Due to a mergerp with my associate, in America.

I am also sole proprietor; of Chidren’s Global Justice.
{all rights reserved-and Trademarked-under
Womens Global Justic}

My Date of Birth is 21/March/1941.

I Grew up in Stafford,UK.
I attended – St.l Patricks Junior Shool & St. Patrick’s Second Modern Catholic School.

I have 4 children: Anne-22/Mark-27/Slawek

I am also blessed with four grand-children and my daughter Anne is expecting her first child, a baby daughter.

***For many years, I have wanted to try and help children and victims of violence, but not having the organizing abilities to move forward with my goals.

***I tried to take risks: to get as much publicity, as I could.

The first time was over 20 years ago. I was working as a scaffolder, on the London Doclands; as usual these things always crop up in a pub, when you have more, than a few. And began to converse with someone. They had similar interests. That intetest would be outrageous adventures, including bungee jumping.

I also met a campaigner who had a fire engine, so it was off to France, in a fire engine; full of booze for a charity jump, for Great Ormond Street Children’s Cancer Hospital.

I had a failed attempt at trying to convince Pepsi Max to put on the World’s Highest Bungee Jump. I simply believe that a bungee jump involving the longest bungee rope ever made, could be attempted. And Without a reserve parachute.( Free fallers would be needed to follow you and cut you free from the rope and then pass you a spare parachute; on the way down and attach you to their chutes.) So as you can see, the stunt is massively dangerous. And Pepsi declined sponsorship, among other’s.

My thoughts were:
To get enough publicity for adopted children.

Even now, if I could: no matter what the risks were, I would still do it.

Innocent children and trafficked people have no human right’s laws.
This should be fought globally to stop this horrific and perverted trade in people.

I am now searching for younger stronger men who are prepared to take on the most physical and extreme sports challenges ever devised to fight for all children and victims of human rights.

With “GOOD” people to lead The Woman’s Global Justice Organization to fight for women equality, including equal pay, and the human rights for true justice protection and compensation for “ALL” victims of violence, abuse, and trafficking.

When a woman can do the same job as a man then she “Must” receive equal pay otherwise , it is called cheap and exploited labor, and it is against a woman’s human rights. and we certainly “will” fight against this as of “Now”!!!!

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