March For Mercy/ The Story of Mr. Sidney Hingerty’ in his ‘walk for justice’

Dedicated to Andrea Felton. Sid’s beautiful daughter.

Andrea passed away during part one of the walk.  May she guide us, as we complete this journey.   In memory!

.facebook_1543382960224March For Mercy

The Story of Mr. Sidney Hingerty in his ‘walk for justice’

Giving special thanks to our team!

Sid Hingerty, Andrea Felton, Ardjuna Clearwater, Ethel Chikwata, Acklee King, Ray Crowthers, Dee Francis, Brian Schlenger, Michelle, Paul Ryder, Jason Fairfield, Kellie Cotham, Philip Coleman, Neiko Coleman, Belinda McKenzie, Diane Ginn, many, more people helped create this project and have been working on it since 2009.

****We will acknowledge the other colleagues, participants, and volunteers, as soon as we organize a list. As so many volunteers United to organize a successful, but yet; grueling walk. Some participants wish to remain anonymous. 

Please be advised……

***All participants will be acknowledged, unless otherwise agreed upon; to NOT mention your name and, or story!

This is Dee and I request that anyone wishing to continue with this adventure, to please contact me., Sid, or Juna.

Is there any writers like what like to be part of the production of the documentary?  Editing?

*Does anyone have quality equipment for filming?  Is there anyone wishing to schedule an interview and present a story?

*Does anyone wish to share?

*Do you know Cyd? Did you meet him, along his journey?

*Did he inspire you? What are your comments?

*Did Cyd help you? If so, HOW? Where? When? *Did you help him? If so, HOW? Where? When?

Thank you to everyone that participated.

We will definitely need some assistance with the completion of this story! And to organize the finale.’

Also, does anyone wish to volunteer services to help organize this bungee jumping/ sky diving event?

**Please contact Ardjuna, Sid, or myself.

Please submit a subject!


Follow Sid’s journey


Sid began this 1600 mile walk in 2013 at age 72. It took him 4 years to conquer, and shortly after the completion of the walk, he fell and he broke his spine, clavicle, and ribs; puncturing his lung. Also, he got an infection, and almost died.

Cyd has dedicated his life to helping children and he has a heart of gold and it’s written in stone.
It is a must to finish this story!!!

We will begin official interviews and presentations very soon. Also, filming this incredible story!

Sid’s goal is to host a bungee/ skydive event, as a finale’ in his Documentary.About 

Contact SidFacebook


Scheduling ,June of 2019.

Bungee / skydiving event

Follow Sid Hingerty’ s journey on facebook. The Story of Sid Hingerty’ in his ‘walk for justice’



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March For Mercy

The Story of Sid Hingerty in his 'walk for justice'

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Presenting: March for Mercy/The Story of Sid Hingerty in his 'walk for justice'©


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