As most of you know: Cyd and I are writing the Documentary –
“Walk For Justice” his auto-biography is in final stages. I will have it ready for his family to approve very soon.. At their convenience. Until then, I wish to take a moment to share a bit of my writing… his book.. In the final chapter……………..At the end.

Walk Gor Justice

What is there to say about Mr. Sid Hingerty?

I believe in him, most of us did.
The world did!

Through it all—he kept his faith.. He believed that everyone could make a difference. He trusted in his journey and with many people that walked with him in this journey; whether by foot. by support, or by organizing the companies, etc., he believed in everyone.

Through it all—-He did find the few people out there, that are sincere, and honest. Simply, because of his ever lasting faith in the lord; he found his trust. He found his light. And in the end.. HE WON!

—————Due to unforeseen circumstances:::

—————After speaking with the family, and agreeing with the family, All business concerning Womensglobaljustice/ Childrens global Justice/ WALK FOR JUSTICE is completely and officially _———

— ————-SHUT DOWN.—-_————-_——

Through it all–making a difference for the future of our children is the determination that drove him..

***Cyd is the one that matters right now..
***Cyd is the one that made a difference. But through it all, its all about the children.

And he won’t have it any other way. As he is sincere, in his success. He is prideful, ever so humble.
The world knows who CYD is.. But it wasn’t fame or fortune, or power that he was hungry for. It was his craving to walk for Children’s Rights. Not just children, but Human Rights, and also Animal Rights.

Through it all —it comes down to right and wrong. Cyd knows what is right, he knows the difference. And that’s what drove the rest if us, to begin.

***Cyd inspired me, he supported me, in his ever so softly; ever so sweetly way; Cyd was my rock they kept me grounded.

**Cyd stood up and faced his rights, head on. Having had the courage to say, enough is enough.

Through it all—he is made of stone and he is tough enough to see through the colors that aren’t black enough.

” Walk For Justice”
I love you Cyd,
Your Dee…