About The Walk

1600 miles completed And now organizing the next event in June, 2019

Walk For Justice

The First 500 miles is part 1 and is the ‘walk for justice’, with Ardjuna Clearwater, Andrea Felton, Kelli Cotham, Jason Fairfield, Ray Crowthers, Brian Schlenger, Angelo Ho, Michelle, Paul Ryder,  many more.

The rest of the walk was over 1000 miles, and part 2. March For Mercy.

Belinda McKenzie, Philip Coleman, Neiko Coleman and many, many more! 

Please be advised that all volunteers and participants will be properly introduced!  

(Acknowledgments will be announcement soon for all participants.)


The First 500 miles with Childrens Global Justice and The Walk For Justice 2013/2014

WGJO and the walk for justice 2013/2014

The Next 1100 miles March For Mercy and Childrens Global Justice

The autobiography and documentary is in edit..

We will complete this project in soon.. We ask that anyone with photos or stories that they wish to add.. share..concerning this 1600 mile walk, please post here!!!!

We ask all that I formation be as accurate as possible, and that all I formation be DATED, as well. We ask that anyone that has anything they wish to share concerning this project please do so!

I will gather and coordinate very soon .

We ask one more thing…… If you do not want your name mentioned..

Please. #noname. At the bottom of every post

Thank you all for participating in this adventure,! For your support, wishes, and especially to our sponsors and all who joined Sid Hingerty on this very long and exhausting journey.

We ask that all moderators in this project help collect Information to post, as we wish to collect as much as possible for Cyd.

Please pray for Sid and stop by his page, as he fell last year,  and was in the hospital for 2 and half months with broken collarbone, broken ribs, a punctured lung.

Over 500 photos of the walk!
Sid’s journey

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Contact Cyd



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