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Written by Mr Sid Hingery:

Sole Founder

Over the last 20 years I have tried many things to try and help children.

**Over 13 years ago, I intended to backpack from Cape Wrath; starting on Christmas day and walking alone. I walked through the Scottish Highlands to get a petition signed. I walked all the way, from Scotland to Downing Street; for Sarah’s Law.

Beginning of Sid’s Journey!!

After working in Poland, during the communist system, in 1978. I saw mass graves excavated and the remains, of the atrocities of the prison camp Aushwitz; which included hundreds of children’s shoes, school satchels, and artificial limbs; plus after hearing of the horrific stories of child abuse and the cover up from people in power; in care homes.

**I then started to pray for help to find the right people to help me find a way to help victims of violence, child abuse, poverty, trafficking, and more.

At first, I went to France in a fire engine to participate in a bungee jump for a Children’s Cancer Hospital in London, on Great Ormond Street.

I tried to backpack alone, through the Scottish Highlands, to Downing Street.
Beginning on Christmas Day, 2002 for Sarah’s Law, which was a campaign, to protect children from Paedophiles.
Unfortunately, althougI had the best professional help from a friend of mine, an ex SAS officer who prepared to find more of his friends, to set up safe base camps.

**No newspaper or children’s charities would support us because of the risk of so called “health and safety standards.”

From there, I met a woman paramedic; her partner’s daughter, had been shot and killed, in the Scottish children’s school tragedy, in Dunblane, where sixteen children and a teacher, were shot dead;by a man name ***. He was a Paedophile that had supplied children to the conservative central party office and also people of the very highest order!